After only two sessions, I started to feel happier as a result of following Sandy’s advice. I also set some healthy boundaries using an exercise that she taught me. That made me feel freer – no more pressure from people who were trying to manipulate me. I’ve changed so much in just a few weeks that even my landlord noticed how much happier I am! – Elaine P.

burning heart

I experienced a spiritual breakthrough as a result of working with Sandy. Now I am eager to read the Bible again. I have a greater sense of peace; my fear dissipates pretty quickly. My family told me I’ve changed remarkably over the last 2-3 weeks. They notice how calm & patient I am now. Personally, I feel more passionate and purposeful in my daily life.  – Steve W.

I use Sandy as a sounding board. I like to talk to her – it helps me to process my thoughts. I need someone to listen without judging me so I can think through my options before making an important decision. – Lisa M.

“Thanks to Sandy, I found freedom when she enabled me to come out of my circumstances and deal with the heart of the matter.” – Maria C.

Childlike Joy

“Working with Sandy was like going on an inner expedition for finding the lost true self buried deep inside. Through her guidance, I have been able to reframe my focus toward a present and a future where I am feeling free to live according to my values, my mission, my destiny. All in all, a personal foundation of inner strength from which to launch the next chapters of my life.” – Daniel T.

There’s been a noticeable change in me since I started working with Sandy. I feel more sure of myself. Others tell me that I seem more confident. – Linda F.

I’m feeling more optimistic and hopeful than I have been in years. Working with Sandy really shifted my perspective and helped me redefine who I am and where I am going. – Tamara L.

“Sandy is an amazing listener who deeply cares and values others. I have been fortunate to have known her for over 10 years. Sandy is an asset in my life. And with all confidence, I know that she will bring freedom to the lives of many.” – Lazarus. M., LinkedIn

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