Spiritual Mentoring

What is a Spiritual Mentor?

A Spiritual Mentor is someone who helps you with your relationship with God. Very often people don’t have someone they can trust to turn to for support regarding their spiritual questions or struggles. They don’t feel comfortable going to a family member or friend – they need someone to talk to about their questions about God, about life or about themselves. They need someone on the “outside” of their life who won’t judge them or criticize them.  I offer this to anyone who wants to get closer to God, to experience more of His love and His presence in everyday life. ♥

When you can be completely honest with your thoughts and feelings, something wonderful happens. When you can share what’s really on your mind without worrying about being judged or criticized, it frees you up! Very often clarity comes immediately – even as you speak! Part of how the process works is that as you speak honestly from your heart, it opens you up to receiving the truth or insight you need. I’ve seen it happen many, many times – just as someone is wrestling with an issue and trying to explain it to me, they have a light bulb moment. “Ahhh, I see now. That’s what the issue is.”

Having an objective, compassionate listener gives you the freedom to be who you really are. Being affirmed in who you really are is very powerful. It strengthens you internally. It tells you, “It’s okay to be you. You’re not crazy. You really are important and valuable and your perspective is needed just the way it is.” If you’ve never experienced this before, you’ve got to try it. It will change your life!

As you share, I invite the Holy Spirit to speak to us. Most people think of prayer as something you DO & that’s the only time they spend talking to God. I consider the most important part of prayer to be LISTENING to what God is saying. So as you talk, I listen – not only to what you are saying, but also to what the Holy Spirit is saying or highlighting to me.

Very often people are amazed when I tell them what I hear because it’s often something they’ve always felt but never told anyone. It’s not just feedback – it’s hearing your heart, what’s really going on inside of you, as well as hearing what the Lord is saying about you. It’s a very powerful, dynamic process.

Is Spiritual Mentoring for me?

If you are willing and open, I promise you that you will grow and get closer to God as we work to remove the obstacles that prevent you from living fully loved and aware of God’s goodness in your life.

You, of course, are part of this process. The Lord will be speaking to you while we work together. I guarantee it (even if “hearing” God is not an easy process for you – it will get much clearer while we work together). You get to choose what we talk about – I don’t pry or ask a lot of personal questions. I only know what you tell me. It’s up to you how much you want to share – no pressure will come from me.

Who this is for …

If any of the following statements sound like you, then you might want to consider spiritual mentoring. Not all of these will “fit” you, but if 1 or 2 statements below really resonate with you, then pay attention. This is for you.

If you long for intimacy with Christ and you want to KNOW that God loves you, then this is for you.

If you want to figure out your spiritual gifts and how to use them, then this is for you.

If you need encouragement and support for your spiritual life, then this is for you!

If you need help discerning what God is saying or where He may be leading you – in life, in ministry, in business, etc., then this is for you!

If you want a mentor, an older Christian to guide you, then this is for you!

Nuts & Bolts – What it looks like in real life

For most people, the easiest way for this to work is by telephone. We set up a day and time that works for your schedule where you can be focused and not distracted. We talk for about 45 minutes.

Very often we will pray together over the phone as things come up. I’ll help you if you don’t know what to say to God – we’ll work through this together. You’re not alone. You’ll begin to feel more in touch with God than you ever have before. Many people say that just by hearing my voice they feel peace – they feel better after we talk about what is on their heart.

I don’t set a specific fee for my time – I accept donations through PayPal. Most people pay between $50-$100 for each session. I encourage you to ask the Lord what you can pay – He knows what you can afford and what I need. I trust Him for all my financial support.  ♥

If you’re ready to get started, please send me a message or email me at destiny.journey@gmail.com.

Sandy Walker
Miami, FL USA