Questions Leaders have:
Is this confidential? How can I be sure?
Yes, this is definitely confidential – I have no intention of sharing anything personal that you tell me. I have been trained professionally in how to maintain confidentiality. The only limit to my confidentiality is safety – if you intend to harm yourself or someone else, I am required by law to notify the authorities. I am also required to report current on-going abuse of children, the elderly or disabled adults. It’s a matter of safety – protecting those who cannot protect themselves.  [This does not mean abuse that happened in your past. It only applies to something that is currently happening today.]
Are you available in the evening or on the weekends?
Yes, I offer evening appointments during the week and I’m available all day on Saturdays. My hours are Monday through Saturday, 10am to 9pm, Eastern Standard Time. I don’t usually work on Sundays unless it’s really important and there’s no other time for us to talk. The only time I’m not available is late night or early morning (I’ve got to sleep sometime!) 🙂
What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept credit cards, PayPal and even wire transfers or paper checks in the mail. Most people find it convenient to use their credit card. You can also schedule monthly payments from your bank to be sent via check or PayPal, if you wish. Whatever works best for you.
Can I ask a question before I actually commit to this (with money)?
Yes, absolutely! Your first call is FREE! You can tell me where you’re at and how I can help you. I’ll also answer any questions you have about me or about the process. Then we’ll schedule our next conversation – that’s when the adventure begins!
Is there a time commitment?
Yes and no. I recommend that you plan to sign up for 3 months or more. Most people experience tremendous benefits within the first 3 months. Some enjoy it so much that they just keep going! Others take a break and then come back later on an “as needed” basis. Many folks start with the twice a month calls and then later transition to once a month. It’s up to you.
Can I stop at any time?
Yes, simply let me know. As long as you continue to schedule appointments, I will continue to bill you. If you decide to stop, simply cancel your next appointment and make sure you get a confirmation from me that I’ve received your cancellation. You can always start again in the future by scheduling a new appointment.
Can we do this as a couple?
Yes, if you’d like to. We can start out with both of you on the same call. At some point, I may want to talk to each of you individually – to get to know you better and understand your individual perspective. You could take turns – one person makes the first call in the month and the other person makes the second call. Or you can both listen in for both calls. You’ll decide how it works best for you as you experience the process. One partner may need more time than the other and that’s perfectly okay.
Do you use FaceTime or Skype?
Actually, no. I find that the technology has not developed sufficiently enough to keep it from being too distracting. Have you noticed that you cannot actually look someone in the eyes with these services? You are looking at their image and they are looking at yours, but in reality it’s not the same as making eye contact. I don’t use them because of the problem of “image management” – you don’t have to worry about how you look or your facial reactions when we talk. The phone gives you a degree of privacy that FaceTime and Skype do not. And I find that it is MUCH easier to concentrate on the conversation when there’s not a screen to look at. (I will make an exception if that is the only way to communicate because of the location you are calling from.)
Can I pay for someone else to benefit from this?
Yes, absolutely! I have had several people who saw such value in this that they offered to pay for someone else to benefit from it (especially someone who cannot pay for it themselves). It’s a great way to say to them, “I believe in you!” Just mention that you want to pay for someone else and we’ll set up the details. If you want to remain anonymous, please let me know.
My income is unpredictable. Can I pay in advance?
Yes. You can pay as far in advance as you’d like. Some people receive their income in lump sums (i.e. by commission, trust fund, etc.) and it’s easier for them to pay several months in advance rather than monthly. If at any time you want to stop, any unused months will be refunded to you.
Can I do this if I live outside the United States?
Yes, absolutely. You can use whatever service allows you connect with me via telephone (some are quite affordable like Google Voice). I prefer not to use Skype, but I understand that may be the only option sometimes. When you contact me, let me know what the time difference is and we’ll schedule a time to talk. I’m looking forward to it! You won’t be disappointed. 🙂
Is this counseling? Are you a counselor?
No, this is not considered Professional Counseling. I do not diagnose mental illness or develop a treatment plan. This means that insurance will not pay for this. This is personal development to help you reach your God-given calling or dream.
This is the type of “counsel” you will receive: “Listen to counsel and receive instruction, that you may be wise in your latter days. There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless the Lord’s counsel – that will stand.” Proverbs 19:20-21 NKJV                                                                                                                                             
Why do you charge for this?
For many, many years I did this for free. I would continue to do it for free if I could. My time is limited and very valuable to me. I hope you feel the same way about your time. As a result, I’m going to invest my time where it can make the greatest impact. For now, this is the process I use that allows me to invest in others while also making good use of my time. Can you imagine asking a lawyer or a doctor why they charge for their time? No, of course not. They’ve spent many years developing their skills and expertise and that’s why we trust them. I’ve also spent years learning how to help people in this way and the results you experience will definitely be worth the investment. I promise. 🙂
If you have a question that is not addressed here, please feel free to contact me. 🙂

Sandy Walker
Miami, FL USA
Monday thru Saturday, 10am to 9pm, Eastern Standard Time

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